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The market of Live Casino is very popular. As such, a huge number of new casinos are launched daily in various countries around the world. However, some of the most commonly visited casinos are those operated by Malaysian companies. The best Malaysian WeWin55 Live Casino have many things in common, and they have certain unique features as well.

Finding a top-notch quality casino that offers real croupiers, smooth gameplay, and good video streaming can be easy if players know what to look for. For example, the live Casino has to be safe, fair, and have a good reputation. Numerous banking options will make it easier to make deposits and request withdrawals.

Top Live Casino Malaysia

We keep mentioning how competition is a good thing for us players, and here’s one of the reasons why. Live casino promotions are among the most common ways gambling sites draw in new Aussie customers. There’s nothing quite like a freebie, even if you must read the fine print carefully.

An example of a Malaysian live dealer casino bonus would be a welcome bonus paid out in AUD. For instance, matched bonuses of up to 100% are quite common in this industry. They often come with goodies such as free spins, but that doesn’t affect live players.

Casino site bonuses for live table games come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you to determine which one suits you best. Below, you’ll find a listing of some of the best promotions the gambling industry offers in Malaysia.

Are Live Casinos Legal in Malaysia?

As it stands, online gambling in Malaysia currently exists as a legal grey area. The regulations often need to be more specific, differ by state and territory, and, most importantly, not enforced.

The most important piece of legislation is the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. This law explicitly states that offering ‘prohibited interactive gambling services’ to customers in Malaysia is strictly illegal. That may sound fairly clear-cut, but it’s everything but.

First, states have their own licensing authorities that issue online gambling licenses. However, almost every territory has its own, and it isn’t easy to check whether a company has an appointment. Furthermore, each Casino must target regions instead of the whole country.

Since legal online casinos in Malaysia are stuck fighting an uphill battle, this ‘grey market’ is flourishing. On the one hand, some offshore casinos offer gambling services to Malaysians. These can be perfectly safe if a respected regulative body properly licenses them. While technically not legal, the laws of Malaysia specifically target service providers and not customers. In other words, you won’t break any rules by simply playing at an offshore live casino. You may find that the site is blocked, though a simple VPN can resolve this.

Otherwise, there are offers such as Cryptocurrency casinos that can be used to circumvent traditional gambling regulations.

If neither of these options appeals to you, that’s fine. There are still safe, licensed Malaysian live casinos on this page. Just keep in mind that your options are somewhat limited.

Key points About Live Casinos in Malaysia

  • Total gambling expenditure in Malaysia exceeds 25 billion annually. Sports betting and land-based gambling account for much of this, but you can see why live casinos value the market so highly.
  • This means Aussie players have dozens of the world’s best live dealer casinos vying for their attention. It’s a highly competitive industry, and savvy customers can reap the benefits.
  • A single, unified authority does not regulate online gambling in Malaysia. Instead, licensing and regulation are delegated to State-specific bodies. This leaves Aussie online casinos in a precarious position and is one of the reasons the laws could be more effective.
  • Thankfully, Malaysians can freely access offshore casino sites, giving them many options. Most of the regulations are aimed squarely at service providers instead of customers.
  • Moreover, cryptocurrency betting, such as on BitCoin live casinos, has increased recently. The ability to wager with cryptos gives players the peace that local legislation will never get in their way. Moreover, players can access various casino software providers and platforms. Cryptocurrencies have their downsides, of course, but there’s a reason people turn to them so often.
  • Unfortunately, the Malaysian Dollar is not a very popular currency with international online casinos. Specifically, Malaysian live casino sites or Aussie-facing casinos offer payments, but offshore ones rarely do.

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